"Our Dear Disciple, Friend, Magnificent Human Being, and Extraordinary Musician and Teacher, Matt Denman."
Pepe Romero


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"Pepe Romero is regarded internationally as one of the greatest guitar players of all time. He is the teacher of many of my teachers and of many top guitarists around the world, with a lineage of discipleship tracing back to the legendary Francisco Tárrega. In this interview Pepe opens up about his arranging process and philosophy. Click the link in the comments to check out this landmark interview with THE Maestro Pepe Romero!" 
Thomas Wheeler 

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New Recordings

I want to congratulate my former students, Collin Holloway, Alfredo Vázquez, and Thomas Wheeler on their new recordings.

More information coming soon!

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Celedonio Romero
Guitar Institute 2022

A Triumphant Return

The post pandemic Celedonio Romero Institute brings successful alumni and fresh new talent back to Oklahoma City University for what might be the most important Spanish Guitar Institute in the United States. 

The institute attracts competition winners, rising stars, old friends, aficionados, and enthusiasts to come and work together in a non-competitive but intensive and demanding environment. 

"I still have yet to find another festival that has formed a family of attendees in the way that this one has and suspect that there is a chance that I may never find another quite like this one." 

Gwenyth Aggelar

 More information available at www.romero-institute.com

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"People genuinely like him [Denman} and want to spend time with him. Others want to study with him or hear him perform. They are anxious to hear his new compositions... His positive attitude is contagious. 

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"Matt has a magnetism brought about, I think, by his sheer passion to provide the greatest opportunities he can for the young people of Oklahoma." Matthew Hinsley

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“Young people love community. They love to have fun with their peers,” Denman says. “The camp helps provide that atmosphere.”



Featured on cover of Soundboard Magazine



Canterbury Voices mixes unlikely musical styles in season opener 'Bluegrass and Blue Jeans'

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Lukasz Kuropacewski, Matt Denman Interviews, Ravel, Giuliani, & more

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PICTURE ON A TRAIN Matthew Denman This is a sub­stantial work,... The score tells a story: there’s mist, a train, its whistle,... I feel a good ensemble could make magic out of this «intermediate» piece. (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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 “Matt Denman is a perfect example of the typical, consummate modern classical guitarist. He is a performer, composer, educator, and overall ambassador for the position our popular instrument holds in Western culture,”