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Oklahoma City University boasts a top-tier guitar program whose alumni include famous performers, professors, and the world-renowned Celedonio Romero Guitar Institute. The best selling instrumental recording of all-time, CLASSICAL GAS, was written and performed by Oklahoma City University alumnus Mason Williams. Our students and alumni have won awards from the Guitar Foundation of America, the Winfield Fingerstyle Championship, the UT Dallas International Guitar Competition, and many other prestigious competitions. Guitarists can specialize in performance, education, composition, early music, and more.  

The program is directed by Matthew Denman, and students also have the opportunity to study with guitar legend Pepe Romero, Los Romeros, Brian Belanus(Jazz), Kyle Patterson(Early Music), Peter Markes(Music Education) Dr. Edward Knight(Composition), and the rest of the world class faculty at OCU. 



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Classen School of Advanced Studies is the #1 academic and arts school in Oklahoma. The school has been a part of the journey of famous bands including The Flaming Lips, The Current Joys, Surf Curse, and more. The guitar program has been named one of the top three programs in the country and is one of three recipients of the GFA/Augustine award for excellence in guitar education. Classen SAS Guitar has been featured on PBS and on the cover of Soundboard Magazine. Stylistically diverse, always excellent, and driven to make a difference, there is no better place for young people to study guitar in Oklahoma.

Middle School Audition (5th-8th Grade)


High School Audition (9th-12th Grade)


Matt is a very unique spirit, a truly gifted musician and teacher who displays an enourmous desire to help others grow and reach their own potential. So rare this quality is, and so very inspiring to watch him instruct, advise, encourage, and just genuinely care about the musical growth of others. 

Chuck Hulihan 
Guitar Summit and Orchestras Director 
Guitar Foundation of America


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